We are pleased to showcase a number of our services using real-life examples of client cases. Of course, ours is a confidential service and we would never consider sharing any commercially sensitive details but we asked a few clients if they would allow us to use broad details in order to demonstrate how we help business owners on a day-to- day basis.

Here are just a few examples:


London Based kitchen supply store CB Distributors have been using the services of h2i for over ten years, since we arranged to take on the account from their previous broker who was entering retirement.

From a single line of policy in the early days we are now proud to provide comprehensive cover for the entire CB Distributors commercial insurance requirement, supplying everything from Public Liability to buildings insurance, with much of this additional work being transferred to H2i away from other brokers.

Owner of CB Distributors, Ravinder Chopra is in no doubt why he moved to H2i and why he continues to trust us with the insurance of his family business.

‘From the very beginning Clive took an interest in our entire operation, he offered advice even about parts of our cover that H2i were not, at that time providing, it was a very personal service’

‘H2i are able to do everything we need, they provide decent quotes and really know our business… we have no complaints whatsoever’

This account is typical of our service provision, we have developed a firm working relationship with Ravinder and his family by becoming ‘ part of the business ’. In doing so, not only are we are able to adapt quickly in response to potential challenges which may face the company but we can also identify opportunities as the business continues to grow.


A hugely well respected company Pay-Nex is responsible for providing payroll and auto-enrolment services for businesses across the south east of England.

Dealing with sensitive, personal information for many thousands of employees data-protection is of paramount importance to Pay-Nex as Managing Director, Dena Dixon explains.

‘Companies trust us with the personal information of their employees, from director salaries to hourly calculated payslips my business relies on the safe transfer of information and the absolute security of stored data. Our IT security is obviously as robust as we can make it, we are Cyber Essentials accredited and undertake regular scrutiny from our externally appointed IT providers.

David asked for copies of all of our existing insurance policies and quickly established that whilst our cover was sound there were ways in which we could improve. The policies that David suggested not only gave additional protection but also allowed us to change the level of cover and remove redundant elements as required.

I appreciated the time that David took to talk…and listen. He answered all of my questions and dealt with every enquiry in a prompt and timely manner. He explained each element of the cover and prompted me to think seriously about my responses to his questions.

Pay-Nex clients need to know that we are taking care of their data and with David as support I am 100% confident that I can satisfy any enquiry.’


Reading based property owners Sowmac have been using h2i since the very early days, indeed the account was taken over when their previous broker retired some twenty years ago.

Hillary Ruth, MD of Sowmac relies on the in-depth industry knowledge supplied by h2i, in particular, from Clive.

‘The company offers a very good service and Clive visits us around 3 times per year. This may seem like a lot but our business moves very quickly and it’s vitally important that we have adequate insurance protection. Property in the south east is very expensive and any mistake could be hugely damaging to our company.

I admire Clive for his understanding and knowledge of our business, he is easy to work with and an excellent communicator. He makes the process painless.’

Hillary also pointed to a claim, managed by Clive with customary efficiency and tenacity. The insurance company were dragging their feet and it looked likely that the payout would be unsatisfactory until Clive stepped in, as Hillary explains.

‘A 23,000sq.ft building was destroyed by fire in 2007, the claim was in danger of not recovering an acceptable settlement until Clive spoke with the right person at the insurance company, clearing the way and arranging an appropriate, and fair settlement’.


d2 Solutions - Our Clients - h2i BrokersDave Nyss, owner of Surrey based web design agency D2 met Clive in 2009 through business networking and quickly engaged their services.

‘I use h2i for my professional insurances as well as office cover and a few other bits and pieces. Every member of the team is easy to get on with and there’s never any ‘hassle’, they know what I need and I respect their advice.

I get peace of mind from h2i, I have been in business long enough to know that things can, on the rare occasion go wrong, when they do it’s great to know that I have an excellent team to back me up and represent my interests. I met Clive some time ago but I now deal mainly with David, there is absolutely no difference in the quality of the service and I trust any h2i broker to help where required.’


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