We are a small but perfectly formed team here at h2i and although the two main players are responsible for the day to day running of the business we are backed by what we believe to be the finest administrative, legal and specialist advisory group in UK Insurance.

The work that they do is invaluable to our business and it allows us the time to work closely with our clients secure in the knowledge that we have a wonderful support team at our shoulder at all times.

The biographies of Clive and David might give you a little insight into the personalities behind the h2i experience, we have tried to keep them light and informative… and not too revealing.

These are the people that take your calls, answer your questions and make sure that your business is safe.


The newest and without question the most handsome member of the H2i team is Socks. He has no previous experience in insurance but does enjoy working in a lively office like ours, he particularly enjoys watching the planes take off and land!

We gave Socks the H2i questionnaire that all new starters receive but he ate it, so we have had to guess his answers…please look away now if you’re not a fan of bad puns!

Favourite Music – Bach

Favourite Film – Indiana Bones, Raiders of the Lost Bark, or anything starring Lassie

Favourite Book – Surprisingly highbrow for a puppy, anything by Virginia Woof or if I’m in the mood Fyodor Dogstoyevsky

What Rule Can Never be Broken – All visitors to the office must make a fuss of me, and the odd treat wouldn’t go amiss (gravy bones are my favourite)




Clive Harrison
Managing Director

Who is your hero? Sir Winston Churchill for his vision, indefatigability… and great quotes!

Your Best quality? I hope that I have the compassion to empathise and the application to help.

Why Insurance? I started ‘by mistake’ a recommendation from a family friend almost 30 years ago.

Describe yourself in 5 words? Outgoing, friendly, dogged, family man.

What rule can never be broken? Simple. Always do what’s the best for the client.

Anything else that H2i clients should know? I’m an open book, ask me anything.

Clive Harrison, h2i Insurance Brokers

With more than 29 years experience Clive Harrison enjoys a reputation among his peers for a no- nonsense approach to commercial insurance, his advice is sought by fellow professionals and such is his standing in the business that was elected President of the Insurance Institute of Guildford in 2016.

Clive is a much sought after speaker, appearing in panel discussions and any forum where his specialist knowledge can be counted upon to provide insight and add value.

Professionally agile and able to react quickly to fast moving changes in client business requirements is a skill that Clive leans upon heavily.

‘It’s not enough that I know my own business, I have to be inside my clients business as well. I love the opportunity to get to know a company, their aspirations and the challenges that they face, at the end of the day it’s all about being interested in people’.


David Harrison

Hobbies? Cycling and travel, David is a qualified pilot and holder of a private pilot’s licence.

Why insurance? It was a growing industry that offered excellent career opportunities.

Who is your hero? Field Marshall Montgomery, my grandfather served with him in WW2.

What do you do best? Get on with people.

Greatest professional compliment? ‘Without your work on our claim we’d be out of business’.

Favourite piece of music? Symphony No 5 in F Minor, Op 42 No 1 for Organ: V Toccata (Allegro) or, Destroy Everything by Hatebreed (we don’t let David near the office sound system!)

What rule can never be broken? Act in good faith.

Best part of your job? It’s highly social, complex and brings an insight into diverse industries and businesses.

Like his brother Clive, David Harrison has a wealth of experience in the insurance industry. Also like Clive, David began his working life in nursing before making the switch to insurance.

David works tirelessly on behalf of clients and ‘takes the job personally’, not a trait that many people are willing to admit to but one that David sees as integral to his style of operation.

‘We are dealing with the livelihoods of our clients and their employees, of course I take it personally. Advice that we give can have a direct effect on the lives of others and I think it’s vital that we accept the importance of this fact’.

An Honours degree in Physiology points to a sound academic history and whilst David enjoys working with clients in all sectors he does enjoy engaging with companies involved with engineering, finance and property.

Having spent 12 years ‘buying’ insurance for a multi-national company David is also often called upon to advise financial institutions and lenders on investment protection, a specialist area that requires specific insights into markets and risk management.


H2i is supported by Momentum Insurance Services, this not only gives us increased presence, market influence and buying power it also affords us complete confidence in the highly regulated area of financial compliance.


Although we are based in Surrey, we are always looking for good people to join our team regardless of location.

You might be an enthusiastic graduate, keen to work with a progressive company that’s growing steadily and sensibly, or you could be an established broker with an eye out for an opportunity to ‘join forces’ with like-minded insurance professionals.

Whatever your level of experience and wherever you are based, the only non-negotiables are a dedication to client service, a genuine commitment to providing honest, fair and practical advice and a desire to work hard.

In the first instance, you should pick up the telephone for a chat, our business relies on effective, friendly communication and we would love to hear what you have to say.

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