h2i brokers are specialists in business insurance, the breadth of our knowledge and experience may be measured by the markets in which we work in. Here a few examples of the types of business that we are proud to represent and some of the cover that we provide.

‘’Clive takes the time to understand my business…he is like a partner in the company, entirely trusted and always there to offer advice and help of a practical nature’’

The fast moving world of insurance is always producing interesting and challenging situations, this is why it is important to deal with experts that really understand the business markets.

This is far from an exhaustive list of the trades we deal with on a daily basis.



h2i are genuine experts in this field with a wealth of experience dealing with every aspect of cover and claims.

Buildings Insurance is there to cover the cost of repairs, replacements or rebuilding your property following damage. You will know that as a property owner it is your responsibility to provide adequate cover and whilst this is not a legal requirement we strongly advise property owners to insure against the potential risk. A simple matter often overlooked by less experienced brokers is that that there may also be some fixtures and fittings or contents requiring cover.

“Exceptional service, h2i had a genuine understanding of my business, happy tenants, happy landlord”

Depending upon the location of your property you may wish to consider the addition of Terrorism cover. And of course we are happy to arrange cover should you feel the need for protection.

In the event that the lease with your tenant(s) contains a rent cessation clause, you should cover for Loss of Rent and our experience allows us not only to advise on the period you need to insure for but also to guide on the inclusion of matters such as projected rental increases to ensure the correct level of cover.

NB. You should include Public Liability arising from your ownership of the building, whilst the tenant should insure their liability as occupier.

Please call if you have any questions about Insurance for Commercial Property Owners, whatever type of property you own we are confident that we will be able to help.


Whatever your retail business h2i appreciates that you will may very specific requirements and we are pleased to offer our services in relation to matters such as additional stock coverage at busy periods, Business Interruption cover and possibly Goods in Transit Insurance.

Our years of experience servicing the Retail Trade in all its forms including shops, licenced premises, pubs and restaurants puts us in a position to truly understand your business and appreciate the unique nature of your requirements.

“I feel entirely comfortable with the level of cover at all my shops, a great service”

Through this understanding not only are we able to advise on reducing risk ahead of beginning a policy but we will also help you to increase the likelihood of a favourable settlement in the case of a claim.

H2i will guide you through policies that may be vital to your business such as cover for the shop front and plate glass, Employers Liability and Public Liability as well as specific insurances like Money and Personal Assault, Deterioration of Stock and Commercial Legal Insurance.

As ever, we are always available to answer any questions that you may have so please call for a chat or to arrange a no obligation review of your existing policies, we may be able to save you money and increase your protection right away.


Stock levels, Third Party Risk, Seasonal Fluctuations, Storage Challenges and the possibility of public access on your premises can often mean that standard Commercial Insurance may not provide your business with the cover you need.

We appreciate the very specific requirements of wholesalers and we work with you to provide appropriate, affordable and practical cover against the risks that could damage your business.

Employers Liability Insurance is of course a legal requirement but we will also advise on Public Liability and Products Liability, useful additions to a comprehensive quality product.

We work with some of the leading Insurance Providers in the country to develop bespoke contracts designed specifically for companies in the wholesale sector.

As experts in this field we can actually help you to identify risk and advise upon the appropriate steps to reduce your exposure, advice that has saved h2i clients many thousands of pounds in reduced premiums and enhanced claims…we know the business well and we are committed to becoming trusted ‘whole business advisers’ rather than just another insurance brokers.

Contents Insurance is vital to most businesses, covering as it does the replacement of stock or equipment if it is damaged, lost or stolen.

Ensuring the use of your most up to date inventory and contents valuations is standard practice for H2i, another example of how we work as part of your team, ensuring that full cover is provided during your busy periods such as Christmas or just before a large order is due to leave your premises when more stock is being carried.

Additional Cover in the form of Business Interruption Insurance guards against your inability to trade normally as a result of damage to your premises or stock, cover that may easily be added to existing Buildings or Contents Insurance. Temporary losses and damage to machinery can also be covered, a fact vital to many small to medium size companies.

Whatever you require, we work with you to provide appropriate, cost effective cover and should a claim be necessary we guide you through the process ensuring that your claim is entertained in the most positive manner by your insurers.

As with every aspect of our insurance services we are happy to offer a free, no obligation review of your current policies, please call for a chat at any time.


Whatever business you are in, your insurance should be tailored to ensure adequate protection bespoke to your precise requirements.

h2i offer specialist advice to business professionals and tradesmen from plumbers and electricians to designers and consultants; if you offer advice or a service to your clients then our experience will help protect against claims both now and in the future.

‘We are specialists in our business and feel that h2i offer the same level of professional expertise that we do’.

We can talk to you about the various levels of insurance available to you, and as always our advice is completely impartial.


These fields present unique challenges to many Insurance Brokers but here at h2i we have the experience and knowledge to design and provide cover that is unique to some very specific requirements.

As a Contractor you will of course hold Public Liability Insurance, the level of which we are always happy to advise upon, reflecting the type of work you are doing and the clients that you work with.

If you employ staff or sub-contractors you will need Employers Liability Insurance, and any project may have a requirement to cover Contract Works, Plant and Temporary Buildings for example and we are happy to offer advice about when this cover is appropriate to your business.

“Superb from start to finish, I felt that I was dealing with experts”

You may also need to consider design liability and other project related negligence claims and in order to do this we can look at Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Another important consideration is the level of cover that may be required by potential employers and Facilities Management companies, incorrect cover might prevent you from gaining an important or lucrative contract.

Contractors in other fields will almost certainly require insurance specific to their expertise, we advise IT Consultants, IFA’s, Accountants, Solicitors and many other business professionals.

We are happy to offer a full review of your current cover and discuss every aspect of the market that is relevant to your business, please call for a chat at any time.

The business of Insuring Property Developers is indeed a specialist field and h2i can provide you with all the information and guidance necessary for complete peace of mind.

Specific issues may include anything from Environmental Impairment to Archaeological Finds, Defective Title Indemnities to Restrictive Covenants…of course it is much more likely that your requirement will be for Public Liability or Employers Liability but it’s important to know that we understand your business well enough to advise on the extraordinary as well as the everyday issues.

If you have any questions regarding any or all of the above then please call, it will be our pleasure to help.


The range of risks associated with manufacturing are such that in addition to Employers, Public and Product Liability you may also require specialist insurance cover.

As a manufacturer your business may be affected by the breakdown of machinery, problems with suppliers or customers, some of which may be insurable, health and safety issues and of course the regular challenges associated with running any business.

It is also important to ensure correct valuation of stock including time expended stock and in the case of some more target risk materials, obtain additional cover.

“They grasped the complexity of my requirements quickly and offered immediate, useful advice”

Additional Cover in the form of Business Interruption Insurance needs to be carefully arranged to ensure all factors of re-equipping and regaining customers and future profit growth are adequately protected.  Many businesses do not survive a large claim due to inadequate provision and the nature of the calculation is often misunderstood, we use our expertise to ensure appropriate cover and should the unthinkable happen, make sensible, effective claims.

We can arrange cover for goods in transit to your customers and even product recall insurance to mitigate the cost and help rehabilitate your brand in the event of any adverse press.

We work with you to identify your very specific needs and arrange adequate cover to protect you and your business.  Call us today for a no obligation review of your existing cover.


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